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Hand Operated Transfer Pump

Hand Operated Transfer Pump

Is your bowl sputtering or not lighting? You may have gotten water into the tank! 


This hand transfer pump can remove your contaminated fuel bringing your bowl back to working condition. Simply remove the wick and fuel port, and place the suction end of the pump hose into the bowl.  Pump all fluid out into an old 2 liter bottle and discard.  Allow your bowl a few days to dry without a wick or rubber stopper before refilling!


If your bowl fails to light, its a good indicator that you may have gotten water into the tank. This can occur if the flame snuffers were not left in place or if you had a major rain storm without covering your bowl.  We recommend bringing your bowls under cover in the event of inclement weather, but if that's not possible, they should be covered with a plastic garbage bag. 



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