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Seraphina Small Round Fire Bowl (w/Internal Fuel Tank)
  • Seraphina Small Round Fire Bowl (w/Internal Fuel Tank)

    Unlike other tabletop fire pits, we manufacture Seraphina fire bowls utilizing a state-of-the-art process to cast an internal fuel tank right into the concrete! Easy to fill, no mess, no dirty hands and a longer burn time than anything else on the market!


    This is our smallest bowl and is 10.5"D x 5"H and weighs about 15 lbs. without fire glass. It's the perfect size for your tabletop, around you pool side, or throughout the yard!


    Each fire bowl offers an all-in-one fire feature that is handcrafted using the highest quality concrete. We have a novel patent pending design for a stainless-steel built-in fuel tank. This internal fuel tank is ample in size, 32 oz, allowing for more use and longer burn times!


    Get over 8 hours of continuous use! It is the perfect affordable option that will be eye-catching during the day and add a beautiful glowing ambience at nighttime! The ease of use and portability allows for greater versatility.


    Perfect for outdoor spaces, tabletops, pool decks, courtyards, patios, balconies, camping, group gatherings, events, weddings, and more, at a fraction of the cost.


    These bowls do not require expensive gel or alcohol inserts, gas lines, or propane tanks. Instead, they consume a variety of liquid fuels such as unscented lamp oil, citronella oil, torch fuel, or other clean-burning fuel options (sold separately). We recommend using citronella oil which gives a bonus of fending off pesky mosquitoes while also looking great in your space.


    Durable, long-lasting fiberglass wicks and a concrete wick guard/ flame snuffer and are included.


    Our bowls come with a standard white stone topper; however, you can also customize your fire bowl by selecting a premium tempered fire glass of your choice!


    Please note: Due to the handmade nature of each individual piece, textures and colors may vary. But this just means you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind work-of-art.



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    Will call is open by appointment only; When your order is ready we'll send you an email to schedule a time with will-call.



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    WARNING: This appliance has not been tested for use indoors. To reduce the risk of fire or injury, do not install indoors. - This product is a decorative burner creating real fire. - Keep the fuel away while the burner is in operation. - Wipe up fuel spills immediately with a dry cloth or paper towels. - Do not make any alterations or put any objects or liquids inside bowl. - Do not touch the wick or other hot elements. - Do not transport the fire bowl if fueled or lit. - Do not leave an operating fire bowl unattended.


    Do not use gel or thick fuels. Only use fuels of paraffin lamp oil or citronella oil designed for tiki torches.


    To Fill/Refill your Fire Bowl:

    Note: The first time you fill the bowl, it may take some time for the wick to become saturated with the fuel. Please allow 15-20 minutes for the wick to saturate with fuel.

    Fire Bowl Must Be Extinguished For At Least 15 Minutes Before Adding Fuel!

    Gently move the fire glass aside to reveal the fill plug. (If the fire bowl was recently burning, use caution! The glass and top of the torch will be hot!)

    Remove the fill plug of the fire bowl and fill with torch fluid using the included funnel. Be sure not to overfill!

    We recommend using a spare measuring cup with a funnel to fill your Fire Bowl. Pouring directly from the oil container can be difficult, make messes, or cause a safety risk of fire.

    Measure out your fluid using a measuring cup that is not used for food. The first fill is the number shown below, if you fill before all the oil is burned up, you can anticipate less volume for the internal fuel tank. So use caution, fill slowly and with the designated amount of oil for your bowl.

    The Seraphina line of bowls with a fill plug can support a maximum of 1 quart. If refilling, start with less than 1 qt as there may be residual oil in the bottom of the cavity.

    The polyhedron line of bowls can support a maximum of 5.5 quarts. New models have an internal fuel gauge under the second plug. As your bowl fills, this float pops up to let you know when to stop. Stop before the red line crosses the top of the copper tube.

    If replacing the wick on your bowl, set/trim the wick height about ½ inch above the torch tube (a higher wick means higher flame)

    • Product Details

      • Dimensions: 10.5" Diameter  x 5" Tall
      • Weight: Approx. 15lbs
      • Fuel Capacity: 1 Qts.
      • Burn Time: 8 Hrs.
      • Fuel Type: Unscented Lamp Oil OR Citronella Oil


      • Base Price:
        • Clear Sealed Concrete Or Black Stained Concrete
        • Lava Rock Fire Media
        • 1 Wick and One Fill Port (cast into concrete)
        • Concrete Flame Snuffer
        • Funnel for filling
      • Acid Stain Finish +35
      • Add Fire Glass +5.99
        • This replaces the white stone and you Get 1.5lbs of the fire glass of your choice! If you want to still get the white stone, select that on your order and then buy fire glass seperate.
    • Return and Refund Policy

      If you are not happy with your purchase, Call us! We are a new company, and YOU are our TOP Priority! We want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

      We will accept returns of a unused products within 14 days for full refunds. Once we receive the returned item, J- Squared Design will then give a full refund (excluding shipping as we are unable to refund the initial shipping cost of your order). There is a 30 day warranty for manufacturing defects.

      Please allow 1-2 weeks for your return to be processed.

      Discounted items are not eligible for a return.

    • Product Documentation

      Care and Safety Sheet

    Add Some Fire Glass!
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