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J Squared Design is... the American Dream.

Launched in 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona, J Squared emerged as a beacon of learning in business and manufacturing.


Founders Jacqueline and Jason, previously ensnared by the corporate quagmire, yearned for a departure from their lives as an engineer and a medical provider. Truth be told, they ventured into this journey with a mix of enthusiasm and naivety, uncertain of what lay ahead. After relocating from Charleston, SC, to Southern California with hardly any belongings, Jason floated the idea to Jacqueline of renting a booth at a local home show to test the market for their homemade creations. Their initial offerings—a hanging daybed, fire tables, and quaint concrete fire bowls—unexpectedly generated sales of about $22,000 within the first three days.


This success was as exhilarating as it was daunting, thrusting them into a whirlwind of production for which they were unprepared.

Jason resigned from his job to focus on the new venture while Jacqueline continued her employment. They leased a warehouse, navigating the early days with limited funds but abundant creativity. Their product line included numerous small fire bowls with tiki torch inserts, a novel yet challenging design to refill and akin to other tabletop fire pits available.


However, 2021 marked a turning point. A customer named Jane, aged 78, adored the fire bowls but struggled with the canister's refill process due to arthritis. This feedback spurred an innovation: a prototype featuring a built-in stainless fuel tank with a separate fill port, eliminating the need for unscrewing canisters. This breakthrough not only resolved the refilling issue but also significantly increased the fuel tank's capacity, extending burn times to over 20 hours—far surpassing competitors. The innovation journey didn't stop there; realizing they could add more wicks led to an unexpected surge in demand for fire bowls capable of supporting 2, 3, and even 5 wicks.

Despite the advantages, tabletop use of oil had its drawbacks, such as the overpowering scent of citronella oil when used to repel mosquitoes. This observation led Jason to an epiphany: by enlarging the design, they could mimic the appearance of natural gas or propane flames. This insight revealed a substantial market for large, poolside fire features, previously inaccessible to many due to the prohibitive cost of gas line installation.

Thus, the oil-burning fire bowl was born. Evolving from 3 to 5 wicks, these features underwent thousands of iterations, each sale fueling further innovation.

Today, the mantra of continuous improvement endures. Each fire bowl, now predominantly made from stainless steel for national distribution, surpasses its predecessor, backed by a lifetime warranty. As a customer, your purchase not only supports groundbreaking innovation but also contributes to building something greater, embodying the dedication and perseverance that are the hallmarks of J Squared Design.

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