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Our design and build journey started with a cross country move from coast to coast with zero furniture and a plethora of tools!  Essentially, there were no existing retail items that captured what we envisioned for our space, so quite literally, we decided to take things into our own hands and bring them to life ourselves!  Transforming our space has given us a better opportunity to bring together family and friends into our home, and now the same can be true for you!


The owners, Jason and Jacqueline, play to their strengths, however, the magic started when they began collaborating! Together, they have interesting perspectives on composing and utilizing technology to enhance products that are delivered in an innovative, high-performance fashion. With the inspiration to design outdoor spaces that are also functional works of art, the Concrete Fire Collection was born.  Using a combination of urban materials and the element of fire, your patio will become a warm and inviting environment with pieces that attract the attention of your guests, creating long-lasting connection and conversation.  

With over fifteen years in the field of robotics engineering our team approaches hand crafts each project with form and function in mind.  Our one of a kind, handcrafted, statement pieces have an artistic essence that will elevate the dynamics of entertaining by combining table service and ambiance that will most-certainly highlight and enhance any space.


We love taking on custom projects and bringing your dream pieces to life!


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1021 N 21st Ave Phoenix, AZ, 85009


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