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J Squared Design HELP CENTER

  • How do your oil burning fire bowls work?
    Each fire bowl has a stainless steel tank inside the bowl. A single, or multiple wicks, feed from the tank making it super easy to fill since there is one dedicated fill port for all the wicks. Once you're done burning, extinguish with the included flame snuffers.
  • How long do your fire bowls burn?
    Each wick will use approximately 1.2oz of fuel per hour. Our largest bowls hold 180oz, so if you burn all 5 wicks you'll get between 30-40 hours of use. Light just 3 and you can burn for 50-60 hours before refilling. Our small bowls hold either 80 or 30oz depending on the size of the bowl. 30oz = 15 hrs., 80oz =35 hrs.
  • How do you light the oil burning fire bowls?
    Just like a candle, a bbq lighter works great! Simply ignite the wick and when you're done, just use the included flame snuffers to extinghush.
  • What are the fire bowls made out of?
    We use only the highest grade materials when building our bowls! Our concrete fire bowls are made of fiber reinforced concrete, and our metal fire bowls are made with cold rolled steel and then powder coated. The internal fuel tank on all our bowls is made of stainless steel.
  • How much fire glass do the large bowls use?
  • I think I got water in my bowl, what do I do?
    You must drain the contaminated oil from the bowl and replace with new oil. We sell a small transfer pump (and replacement wicks) which can do this (under accessories). Please keep your fire bowls covered during rainstorms!
  • How long until I get my order?
    Our standard lead time is 3-4 weeks for large fire bowls. This is an estimate. Sometimes we're faster and sometimes we're slower. Give us a call to check on your order! 480-876-3338
  • Can I mix and match fire glass?
    Absolutely, just call us after placing your order and we'll take care of the rest!
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