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The Luminita Tall is a luxury concrete fire table with a seamless, sleek design, hand-casted and built to conceal a standard twenty-pound (20lb) propane tank underneath the table without comprising the overall look and usability. It can used with propane OR natural gas and includes a secondary gas T valve. We want you to love it as much as us and we want you to share in something truly original with your loved ones and our friends.


In our design series for the "Cracked Concrete" the Luminita is little sister to the grand Phoenix fire table. This outdoor fire table features a beautiful and enticing design you won’t find ANYWHERE else. We design, handcraft, and manufacture them right here in Phoenix, not some big box store factory in another country! We are happy to share and provide photos with you as we build your table and any upgraded features based on customization options.


The Luminita is as unique as you, hand poured with love, intention and built to last. Trust us, this table will compliment your entertaining space and win the heart of your guests!


Please allow a 4–6-week lead time as these are made to order!


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We also do custom designs!! Do you have a specific height or size you are looking for? Schedule a free consultation with us today



If you are in the market for something smaller and more compact with greater illusion of fire, see our other standard product, The Luminita Mini which can has its own propane tank neatly hidden in its leg!


PriceFrom $1,999.00